CRISPR Medicine Media Aps

Copenhagen, Danmark

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Invest in global CRISPR Media Company

Invest in global CRISPR Media Company
Stadie: Klar til vækst
Skal bruge: 1.500.000 kr.
Ansatte: 7
Stiftet: 2020

We are looking for a 1.5 Million DKK investment that will allow us to further develop on the current business model and to secure growth for the next phase.

2020/21: 0-15,000 readers/month, 120 countries

2021-Q3/Q4: Secure Seed funding
2021-Q4: Close min. 10 advertisement agreements
2022-Q1: Increase content from 3x weekly to 1x daily
2022-Q1: Introduce 1 webinar/month (supported by sponsors)
2022-Q2: Launch exclusive Clinical Trial Database 2.0
2022-Q3: Launch CMN Audio and Podcast
2022-Q4: Launch CMN Live (first weekly live broadcast)
2023-Q1: Target - 200,000 readers/month
2023-Q1: Exp. Revenue - 100k EUR/month

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CRISPR has created a strong impact in research and now has moved into the clinics for treatment of genetic diseases. There are no specialised media companies that address the most recent innovations and clinical trial updates within this fast-growing field. CMN is the first media company that provides weekly exclusive content to readers (scientists, patients, disease organisations, traders, companies...) worldwide and with more than 15.000 readers/month already after only 12 months and a proven business model, we believe that this seed investment will secure a stable growth over the next year and make CMN one of the leading global media companies in biomedicine.

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Type: Media Company
Founded: 2020
Stage: Seed
Employees: 7 (Experienced Freelancers/Science writers/Student Assistants)

Business Model (confirmed):
• Premium subscription (CMN+)
• Advertisement
• Sponsorships
• Job platform

Readers: 15.000/month, 120 countries
Reader Potential: +1 mill.

Revenue 2020/2021: 25k EUR
Expect Revenue* 2023: 100k EUR (*after investment)

Investment opportunity: 200K EUR
Pre-Money Valuation: 2 mill. EUR
Founders: COBO Technologies

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CRISPR Medicine Media Aps

Copenhagen, Danmark

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