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Vove is changing the market for sustainable products

Vove is changing the market for sustainable products
Stadie: Har omsætning
Skal bruge: 500.000 kr.
Ansatte: 1
Stiftet: 2020

The majority of funding will be used for initial manufacturing of the new product line. With the funding we will be able to:

- DTC launch 3 months from round close (with new products)
- Launch on marketplaces (3 months from round close)
- Develop scalable customer acquisition strategy
- Prove business model is ready for international

Funding will be used on manufacturing, team & marketing.

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Products are high-repeat products with a gross margin of 78% in a market in with massive growth.

Founder have experience in:
- 6 years in e-commerce and online marketplace
- Online marketing & content
- Search and social optimization
- Direct sales & customer service
- Scaled home goods product to €250k revnue in a year form 3€k investment

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Consumer products are ruining our planet.

- 20% of global emissions comes from production of consumer goods
- Europeans create 31kg of plastic waste each year. (set to double by 2050)
- Current solutions have higher pricing, inferior quality, convenience and efficiency = no change in consumer behaviour

Vove is creating household goods for the 21st century.
First product line is home cleaner & laundry products that are:

- 3-10x as effective as competitor solutions.
- Convenient and cheaper than supermarket alternatives.
- Reducing CO2 emissions by 81%
- Good business with an average gross margin of 78%

All made natural ingredients and wind power.

Last year Vove did €150.000 in revenue, from a range of private label products. These new products are expected to 10x this in the next year alone.

Current traction:

- 15.000 pre-launch leads (email list)
- 14.000+ products sold in last 12.
- 23% MoM Subscribe & save growth (Amazon UK)
- D2C, D2B platform & consumption calculator
- Supply chain ready for launch and scale across europe

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Cleantech energi miljø
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København S, Danmark

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