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NASA STRONG - Train like An Astronaut

NASA STRONG - Train like An Astronaut
Stadie: Produkt eller prototype
Skal bruge: 200.000 kr.
Ansatte: Ingen ansatte
Stiftet: 2021

Den sidste nødvendige kapital for at få pilotcentret startet.

Det er en god investering fordi

Indtjeningspotentialet er usaedvanligt hoejt. Let at etablere og koere. Vi er klar til international franchising. Jorgen Albrechtsen har tidligere solgt 21 franchises i 7 forskellige lande, saa erfaringsgrundlaget er i orden og alle tools til stede.

This pitch is deliberately done in English to ensure it is not limited to Danish
viewers. The concept is developed by Jorgen Albrechtsen who has more than 30
years experience in the field. In the past, he has sold 21 franchises in 7 countries
and sees NASA STRONG as the most promising venture ever.
Jorgen Albrechtsen can be reached at [email protected] or tel. (+45)

NASA STRONG ...the future of exercise is a much further development of the
brand Concept 10 10 and is based on the same principles and experience (see but with state of the art new technology that is safer,
more effective, requires less time and much less space.
It will be marketed as NASA STRONG - Train Like An Astronaut.

We are looking for a few investors (active or passive) to be part of this exciting
new business development to revolutionize the fitness industry all over the
25% of the company that will own and run the pilot center in Copenhagen and
holds the rights of the concept and will sell the franchises worldwide is offered
for €250.000 and can be broken up into 10 shares of €25.000 each.
We are setting up the first facility, which will also be the training center for new
The first facility will be marketed to the local public and run like a regular
business, just like a franchisee would.

The franchise fee for each unit will be €29.500.
The monthly royalty is €350.
Equipment for a center/facility set-up will be approximately €40.000 - and with
adding rent deposit, furniture etc. and franchise fee, the total investment for a
complete set-up is approximately €80.000.
A training session will cost about €45 on average, working on 15 minutes slots
per customer.

If open 40 hours a week, there is room/capacity for approximately 160
members, which will give a gross of €8.000 weekly. That is roughly €32.000 per
Operational costs including rent, advertising, salaries etc. would be less than
€10.000 a month, so the potential is enormous and not many businesses can
compete with these numbers. This alone is a great selling point!
Our aim is to sell between 50 to 100 units (training / fitness centers / facilities)
over a 3 year period.
Many franchisees will, no doubt, be interested in purchasing Master Rights to
develop an area, state or country.

This is groundbreaking for the exercise industry and has never been available
before now.
A client performs compound exercises on our high-tech machine. These are
exercises that address multiple muscle groups simultaneously. The unique
exercise machine / equipment optimally adapts to your level of performance
with every exercise, every repetition and every second while the digital live
feedback keeps you constantly motivated.
This guarantees that with each exercise your personally optimal training
stimulus is always set.
There are no weights on this unique piece of training equipment. You compete
with the results from your last workout and try to surpass those based on the
feedback on the screen.
It is totally different from anything else. It’s safer, it’s extremely time efficient
and much more productive like never before. A total and complete workout to
the fullest.

A Future Of Exercise (NASA STRONG) facility will also offer a 3D Body Scan with
a unique piece of equipment.

A full body scan will report body fat, lean mass and posture with results in only
3 minutes.
Always only ONE client at the time. Private, super effective and totally
pandemic (Covid-19) safe.

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Klar til start. Website med betalingsplatform er naesten klar. Booking system etableret. Lokaler fundet. Udstyr skal bestilles.

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