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Kongens Lyngby, Danmark

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QUÔTEL - Game changer in the hospitality industry

QUÔTEL - Game changer in the hospitality industry
Stadie: Produkt eller prototype
Skal bruge: 2.000.000 kr.
Ansatte: 4
Stiftet: 2016

Software optimization of booking platform
Marketing, including dedicated marketing plans for 4 million contracted association members in UK and DK
Website optimization including dedicated association landing pages

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Strong Benchmarks towards the (so far) single competitor in the market (Tripadvisor)

Expected multiple of money 20x

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Quôtel A/S (“Quôtel”) is a Danish based company that has introduced a game changer in the hospitality industry

Quôtel facilitates direct guest bookings at hotels through contracted hotel chains and bedbanks, where unprecedented and proprietary discount rates have been negotiated

Quôtel works exclusively with large commercial organisations and corporate entities and ultimately Quôtel’s clients are members of these associations. Through Quôtel, the clients can save up to 23% on comparable market room rates

Associations and corporate entities are highly incentivised to sign agreements with Quôtel as they receive kick backs (up to 40%) on all revenue generated by their members

To unlock discounts members buy a hotel specific Booking Pass (€5-€20) that grants unlimited booking access at a single specified hotel at the proprietary discount rates for 365 days – access to another hotel will require a new specific Booking Pass

Typically, hotels work with OTAs like Booking.com and Expedia to generate bookings and are highly burdened by commission payments which can be as high as 25% to the OTAs

Through requests by the OTAs, hotels are prohibited from publishing better rates than the rates offered through the OTAs – referred to as Price Parity Clauses (PPC)

Quôtel circumvents PPC as discounted room rates offered are not made available to the public market but only to association and corporate entity members via private membership groups

Hotels greatly benefit from being featured amongst Quôtel’s offering, as they get exposure to new revenue streams which offer 0% commission payments

Quôtel offers an alternative to the OTAs through cheaper room rates while increasing the hotels’ profitability

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Quôtel A/S

Kongens Lyngby, Danmark

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