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Multifunktionelt Dronesystem til Offshore segmentet

Multifunktionelt Dronesystem til Offshore segmentet
Stadie: Produkt eller prototype
Skal bruge: 5.000.000 kr.
Ansatte: 11
Stiftet: 2018

We are looking for strategic investors and good partners, with great network and skills in expanding a tech business.
when Investing in upteko you become part of our funding, which at this point we have raised more than 10million dkk from where 5million dkk are still not used.

We are looking to raise 5million kr dkk for 10% of our company.
We will use the money to further develop on our product and to hire new team members to reach market faster and on a higher readyness level.

We are reaching the go to market stage and we have clients reaching out with request for installing in abroad countries, ready to sign invoices.
We need to become ready and proffessional in handling these requests.

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The market share is huge, the potential of our business is great and we are looking for experienced mentoring together with great people to invest and join our board.

We have a great team with a mix of great business minded members to advanced Robot technology, and hardware engineers.

We have Denmarks biggest innovation house as a strategic Investor. DIS Creadis (dansk ingeniør service who houses +600 engineers worldwide and with whom we build and test our hardware at our offices in both Århus, Copenhagen and odense.
Our investor has offices in 22 countries and they own 20% of Upteko.

Please feel free to reach out so we can network and have a talk if you have any questions for us.

[email protected]


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Upteko is a drone solutions company with a vision to radically improve the maritime sector through innovative drone technology. Upteko is developing a completely autonomous drone system, that includes 3 main components:

1. Drone: which can support different application payloads for different operations, ranging from SAR (Search & Rescue), package delivery, vessel docking to inspections and Oil spill recovery.

2. Charging station: which shelter the drone and can swap the application payloads and battery of the drone.

3. Software application: It comprises of an intuitive GUI (graphical User Interface) which allows the user to monitor and control the drone functions, even from remote locations.

Upteko has an experienced Team built up of Drone enthusiasts who have been driving this technology since 2010.

We expect to be selling 10systems our first year after prototype
and have +300 systems in operation by 2025

We aim to be the Universal robots, robot arm in the Drone industry.

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E commerce www teknologi
Industri produktion
Cleantech energi miljø
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Copenhagen, Danmark

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