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LifeBonder - Increasing the quality of life

LifeBonder - Increasing the quality of life
Stadie: Produkt eller prototype
Skal bruge: 750.000 kr.
Ansatte: Ingen ansatte
Stiftet: 2021

We are looking for 750.000 DKK for 7.5% - 10% of our company depening on if it is only money or you also can bring other ressources to the table.

LifeBonder has finished refinement of idea development, launched an MVP in Marts 2022 as a web app (and soon a mobile Chat Messenger app) and done the preparatory works needed to begin the implementation phase of AI to assistent our matching feature (core product) in our mobile app.

What is left to develop before a full fledged launch of our mobile user app, is to complete our mobile app (which is already half completed) making us ready for a later series A funding to get a 18 month runway to implement our multisided business model and Premium feature.

Det er en god investering fordi

We have been able to get this far on a purely volunteering basis, and we are getting lots of applications every week to volunteer,which indicate that our business idea have traction.

We estimate that we in year 3 of our full deployment can reach a minimum userbase of 750,000, and a turnover of 45 Million DKK.
Your investment shall help us complete our AI assisted mobile app to be able to launch on Google Play and App Store. Launching our mobile app on Google Play and App Store, will give us the evaluation we need to later attract funds for an 18-month runway to implement our multisided business model and Premium feature that will make our solution financially sustainable. It is up to you if you want to leave the ship at that time or stay onboard.

You should invest in LifeBonder only if you believe it is important to battle the negative impact of Social Media - lonliness, social medie addition and the declining mental health among young adult - thereby increasing the quality of life for young adults.

According to the Center for Human Technology, a think tank in California, we spent ¼ of our lives in virtual social systems! In the last decade we have seen the consequences of a growing disconnect between social media and real life. That so many young people report lacking of close real life friendships and feel lonely despite existing competitors like Bumble, Yubo, Friender, Skout and Friended , clearly demonstrates failure to meet the market need. The increased scrutiny of social media companies signal that the social media industry’s current business model is due for a significant disruption - we are this disruption!

From a purely economic perspective the benefits are obvious. It is not a secret that loneliness and mental health issues gives rise to healthcare costs - according to the OECD, in Denmark alone, 20% of working age people suffer from mental illness resulting in 25% of all healthcare costs.

Her er virksomheden i dag

Lifebonder was untill now financed by founders money and hard voluntary work of people truely aligned to our vision from around the world. As we have now launched our MVP, we need full speed more than ever. What is left to complete is our mobile app.

This grant can help us complete our mobile user app, and attract private funds in the form of a series A funding at a later stage to be able to implement our multisided business model and Premium feature to we can run and maintain our platform to battle loneliness and social media addiction among young people in Denmark and abroad.

This investment will establish a crucial milestone. Achieving this
milestone will, in direct financial terms, enable the business to more effectively seek external funding for further development and the all-important marketing campaigns. This investment can
help us convince prevate investors to invest enough capital to have a 18 month runway, to make the business module ready.

In our business module we have split revenues into five verticals: 1) Community Manager; 2) Event Manager; 3) Location Manager; 4) "Product Manager" all [main revenue streams] - and 5) paid user accounts Premium subscriptions [minor revenue stream].

In accordance with the current timeline, it is expected that LifeBonder begin revenue-generating operations medium 2023.

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