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Agricultural drone company is looking for investors

Agricultural drone company is looking for investors
Stadie: Har omsætning
Skal bruge: 2.000.000 kr.
Ansatte: 6
Stiftet: 2021

We are raising 2 million kr. to boost sales and development. We previously secured 500.000 kr. private investment and 1.7 million kr. soft funding, which financed the initial product development and market entry. The current investment round will be used to increase the sales of our custom designed drone, and speed up the development of our fully autonomous drone platform. It also gives us the opportunity to apply for large European funds such as GUDP or Eurostars.

Det er en god investering fordi

We have been working on this project full time since 2020 August and have successfully developed our own customized drone solution, which we have entered the market with. We already sold 4 devices and secured the first international sale (Germany). Thanks to our connections and consultants from the drone industry, we are well on the way to be one of the first company with fully autonomous drones in agriculture. Our team covers every aspect of the company from product development to sales, and we are extremely passionate about this project. Everything is aligned to enable a more efficient agriculture and save millions of tons of food each year, we just need liquidity to boost sales and finalize the product development.

Her er virksomheden i dag

We recently launched the sales of our automatic drone solution, which helps farmers protecting their fields from bird damage, thus saving both time and money. We have the most effective bird scaring device on the market. Although this drone still requires the farmer to be present during flights, in the near future we are rolling out a charging platform which enables autonomous flights. We sold 3 drones in Denmark and 1 in Germany so far (>130.000 DKK revenue), and estimate around 10 more by the end of the year. We are three international co-founders with large technical knowledge in drones. Besides us, we have a full time software developer, a part time drone engineer and a full time sales person (total team of 6 persons).

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NAUST Robotics ApS

Rudkøbing, Danmark

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