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København K, Danmark


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After a number of years of investing in development, and having achieved proof of concept, we are now ready for growth.The investment will be used for production and marketing, as we have the prototype of the new b'fair E-bike and production unit ready.

Det er en god investering fordi

We have a uniq product, as the international bicycle market are increasing rapidly, especially the e-bike market has exploded.- Due to the attention to climate change and green energy, major cities worldwide are implementing bike lanes in their infrastructure .-Healthy and an active lifestyle has become first priority to urban citizens-The Corona pandemic has fuelled the demand for bicycles as people seek alternatives to public transportation.

Her er virksomheden i dag

B’fair group is a Copenhagen based bicycle company established in 2016.We produce Danish designed quality bicycles for the European market. With Denmark as a role model we believe in green energy, healthy living, sustainability and environmental friendliness.The b’fair bike is more than a bike.It is a sustainable fairtrade project supporting vulnerable children in Bangladesh.We are convinced that education is the first step out of poverty and for every b'fair-bike being sold, one year of school is donated to a child in Bangladesh.A bicycle has many benefits compared to other transportation options; theyare low cost, easy to maintain, supports green energy and a safe and healthy way of living.In this way, the b’fair bike is a lifestyle, a perfect choice for the future bike owner and an extraordinary journey towards a better future for the children in one of the poorest countries in the world. Our estimatet revenue 2024 is € 3.100.000,-

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4.000.000 kr.
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